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What is a metal print?

Each HD Metal Print is custom made using a special sublimation process to achieve an extremely high level of detail and vividness of color on ultra-thin aluminum.

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What exactly is a metal print?
Well, it's exactly what it says...we use aluminum, approximately 1/16” thick. All of our metal prints are created through a dye sublimation process, in which the inks are heated and infused directly into the metal. This process creates both an extremely vivid image and durable print that is scratch resistant and waterproof, with a high level of detail.
What's the difference between the surface options? Which one should I use?
Here are some guidelines for choosing the best surface for your image. Also consider where the print will be displayed, and what works best for the space.

High Gloss Vibrant: A white surface with a reflective, high gloss finish; works great with images with a lot of vibrant, bright colors.

Matte Vibrant: A white surface, with a non-reflective, matte finish; creates a soft luminescence to beautifully highlight skin tones.

High Gloss Brushed: Shows off the metal, with a reflective, high gloss finish; a great option for high contrast images.

Matte Brushed: Again, shows off the metal, with a non-reflective, matte finish; a beautiful option for black and white photography.
How should I display my metal print?
If you want to hang your metal print, we offer two options. The standard mount, a small aluminum bracket will keep your print close to the wall; it'll hang about ⅛" out from the wall. The float mount will bring your print out from the wall ¾". Both options include clear bumpers to protect the wall.

If you're looking for something small to sit on a desk or a shelf, our standUP® metals are a great option. The Curve and Flex are both freestanding, so you don't need an easel, and the Base comes with its own clear acrylic stand (plus, it's double-sided!).
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